Thank GNUs, 2003

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If your donation isn't listed properly, isn't listed at all, or is listed when you wanted to be anonymous, please write to us and we'll correct the problem. Write to <>.

Please note that Corporate Patrons are listed on the Corporate Patronage area of our website. We are working on setting up a page on our Associate Membership site to acknowledge gifts given via that program.

2003 Supporters

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Equipment and Services

We would like to thank the following donors of equipment and services:

Digium, Inc., for an Asterik telephone system developer's kit
Penguin Computing, Inc., for a rack-mounted server
Global NAPs, for T1 Internet connectivity to the FSF offices
Global NAPs, for colocation services of savannah, gnuftp, and gnudist
IBM, for the loan of our main GNU Project shell server and the main FSF office server

Patrons ($5000 or more)

James Van Artsdalen
Neil Cawse and our friends at Geotab
Jason Carroll
Suhas K. Daftuar
John Gilmore
Torkel Hasle
Lars P. Mathiassen
Yukata Niibe
The Omidyar Foundation to our friends at the Omidyar Foundation
Nobuhiko Takeda and our friends at Konica Corporation
Eben Moglen, Professor of Law and Legal History, dear Eben
Eric Cooper

Sustaining Contributors ($1000 to $4999)

IT Mentors, Inc.
Smoot Carl-Mitchell
Ulrik Dickow
Toshiki Fujisawa
Dr. Wolf Kaiser
Dr. Brigham and Pam Bell
Paul Eggert
Marie Gallagher
Matthew Harris
Robert Hartung
Catherine A. Kouzmanoff
Russell and Ellen McManus
Eben Moglen, Professor of Law and Legal History
Reinin Oyama
T.H. and Patricia I. Puckett
Dr. Robert L. Read
Carl Sundberg, Chief Operations & Technology Officer and our friends at Citifinancial Japan
Muraoka Yoichi
United Way of Southeastern Connecticut, Inc., to our friends at United Way of Southeastern Connecticut
United Way
Terence O'Gorman

Contributors ($500 to $999)

Arthur Barlow and Judith Jonas
Stephan Beal
Scott Boughton
Richard J. Broberg
Bruce Dawson
Eric Decker
David Grubb
Kenneth B. Haase
Veronika Hadorn
Doug Jefferys
John Kristoff
Andrew Lientz
Linux World Conference
Ross A. Lippert
David R. MacCormack
Robert W. and Gladys S. Meserve Charitable Trust, to our friends at the Meserve Charitable Trust
David Moews
Lewis Patterson
David Pollak
Sivakumaran Raman
Edward A. Richley
Gregory A. Smith
David Sugar
Andy Tai
Tsunemi Tokuhara
Beverly K. Yahr
Infinite Delta Corp
Linux World Conference
Microsoft Giving Campaign
United Way of the Capital Area, Inc., to our friends at United Way of the Capital Area
World Reach, Inc., to our friends at World Reach, Inc.
cash donations

Other Contributors

Thanks also to all those who have made donations of less than $500 in 2003, as well as those who have contributed their valuable time as volunteers for FSF and the GNU Project.

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