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These are style guidelines for writing WWW web pages in HTML for the GNU/FSF web server.

The standards documented here are the default for the GNU project and FSF websites. All pages should appear this way by default. However, if you want to design alternative pages that differ from these guidelines, it's ok to do so as long as those features are supported by some Free Software web browsers.

However, when new features are used, they should be used in a consistent way, and standards should be developed for how we use them. Please contact the other maintainers of pages that use similar features, and discuss with them new standards for using these features, so we can note those new standards here.

Talk with <> if you are having trouble finding other web page authors using the features you are interested in.

Please note, however, that regardless, frames should not be used, even in the alternative pages, because they interfere with bookmarking. But if you think you know of a good reason to use frames, please tell us about it.

Table of Contents

Copyright Guidelines

General Guidelines

Filename and URL Guidelines

HTML Guidelines

Use of Graphics

Navigation Guidelines

If you wish to add the front page navigation row (or a bar with your own links), there are two ways you can go about it: you can create a table row that places the links at the right or left of the page, or you can use CSS. The /gnu.css file defaults to the right for the CSS. Please keep the following things in mind:

Useful Resources

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FSF & GNU inquiries & questions to Other ways to contact the FSF.

Comments on these web pages to, send other questions to

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