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As mentioned in issue #12 of the Brave GNU World a lot of developers are too busy to get in touch with me. Once I make the contact they are usually very willing to talk about it but it needs this "little push" to get them going. This is the job of the scouts.

Everyone can be a "Brave GNU World Scout" taking care that interesting people don't get left out in the Brave GNU World. All it takes is to mail the maintainers and send them a specific list of questions. The following list has proven itself to be very effective over the last year as it allows me to get a feeling for the project. So just take the following lines and send them to the maintainer of a project that you consider "Brave GNU World worthy."

Brave GNU World standard questions

    Brave GNU World standard questions:
     These are the standard questions for the Brave GNU World column that
     can be found online at http://brave-gnu-world.org. 
     It has become customary to fill out these questions and mail them
     back to <column@gnu.org> in order to give me a good
     feeling/impression about a project. This also applies to
     non-technical projects, btw. 
     Please feel free to be as verbose as you want as more information
     will allow me to gain a more complete picture which I can then use to
     write a more complete feature.
     * What is it?
     * Who would use it?
     * Why would they use it instead of similar projects?
     * (Programming) language used in this project?
     * Special features/strengths?
     * Special problems?
     * Who is working on it?
     * History of the project?
     * Why did the project start?
     * Current status of the project?
     * Plans for the close and distant future?
     * Do you need help? If so: of what kind?
     * Interesting/fun stories that might juice up the story?
     * Website/FTP addresses?
     * License?!
     * Standard documents to read in this context?
     * Anything you would like to see mentioned?
     * Answer to a question I forgot?
     Everything you want me to read should be sent to me by
     mail because very often I will take my mail with me and 
     read it where I don't have access to the net.

By the way: please do not mailbomb the authors with these lists. If they get it a few times it shows that there is a lot of interest in their project. But if the same person sends the same mail ten times it becomes annoying.

Oh - and of course authors/maintainers are very welcome to just take this list, fill it out and send it to me! .-)

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