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The "Brave GNU World" is a monthly column with the goal of providing a transparent forum for the GNU Project.

It seeks to inform the "generic" user about recent developments within the GNU Project while improving the understanding of the GNU Philosophy.

All GNU developers gain the possibility to inform about ideas and concepts, plan projects or increase their profile and distribution as well as a means of keeping in touch with the rest of the GNU Project.

This job needs your help. Please send mail to Brave GNU World <column@gnu.org> about developments, and new ideas and plans. I can't reply to every mail but I will take note of everything I receive.Whenever I see certain ideas or requests multiple times, I will talk about it in the column. So if a mail to the column becomes a normal thing to do, the column won't only report about the GNU Project it will also help to coordinate efforts.

The Brave GNU World has a certain preparation time because it is being printed in German in the "Linux Magazin", Germanys biggest GNU/Linux magazine, and it appears simultaneously in five languages (English, German, French, Japanese and Spanish). The release date is coordinated to appear simultaneously with Linux-Magazin. If you are interested in adding a version in your language, please read the information I have provided and then contact me via mail.

If you prefer not to check back every month you can subscribe to a mailinglist to be informed of new issues as soon as they come out. Just send mail to brave-gnu-world-request@gnu.org with subscribe in the body. The mailinglist is moderated and very low traffic, there should never be more than 1-4 mails per month. Unsubscription is simply done by replacing subscribe for unsubscribe.

Please send all questions, remarks and ideas to Brave GNU World <column@gnu.org>. This is also the address if you have questions regarding the GNU Philosophy and would like to see something explained in my next issue. I would like to encourage everyone (not just the GNU maintainers) to participate.

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Please send comments on Georg's Brave GNU World column to column@gnu.org,
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send other questions to gnu@gnu.org.

Copyright (C) 1999,2000 Georg C. F. Greve

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