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2001 Supporters

Equipment and Services Corporate Sponsors Patrons Sustaining Contributors Contributors Supporters

Equipment and Services

We would like to thank the following donors of equipment and services:

Cyclades, Inc., for donation of a serial board used for remote machine control
Global NAPs, for T1 Internet connectivity to the FSF offices
Global NAPs, for colocation services of savannah/subversions
IBM, for the loan of our main GNU Project mail server and the main Distribution Office computer
IBM, for the loan of computers to use at trade shows
VA Linux, for colocation services for gnuftp and gnudist

Corporate Sponsors ($25,000 or more)


Patrons ($5000 or more)

Bibliotek-Systemer AS (Norway)
Clarendon Photonics, in the name of Steven G. Johnson
IBM Corporation
Intel Corporation
Earl A. Killian
Kyoto Micro Computer Company, Ltd. (Japan)
The San Francisco Foundation
Software Research Associates (Japan)
Stichting NLnet (The Netherlands)
Kazuhiro Suzuki (Japan)
Rodrigo F. M. Torres (Brazil)
James Van Artsdalen

Sustaining Contributors ($1000 to $4999)

Santosh Balakrishnan
Juliette Bertho and her son Philippe Gerum (France)
The Boston Foundation
Paul Eggert
Loïc Dachary (France)
Debian guru (Japan)
Toshiki Fujisawa (Japan)
Guddland Digital SA (Luxembourg)
Kerr Hatrick (UK)
Donald and Jill Knuth
Krishna Kunchithapadam
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Matz
Yutaka Niibe (Japan)
Nihon Sun User Group (Japan)
Terence O'Gorman
Opencola Ltd. (Canada)
O'Reilly & Associates, Inc.
David Pollak
T. H. and Patricia I. Puckett
James Robinson
Derald H. Ruttenberg Foundation
Philip Sackinger
Anant Sahai
Sanyo Electric Co. (Japan)
Daniel Stutzbach
Michael and Amy Tiemann
Transistor Gijyutsu magazine (Japan)
Takashi Watabe (Japan)

Contributors ($500 to $999)

Ali Bahrami and Emilie Young
Scot Boughton
CodeMeta, Inc.
Michael Coleman
Jason Cook
Ulrik Dickow (Denmark)
Duke University
Joan Eslinger
Brent G. Ewing
Felix M. Finch
David Hampton
Michael Hanau
Antony P. Joseph
Ross A. Lippert
Daniel B. McDaniel
David Moews
Perforce Software, in the name of Doug Jefferys
Toby J. Perkins
Vance Petree
Vlatko Primorac
Paul W. Reich
Barry and Kathryn Rountree
Gary Sowers
Jean Michael Smith
Swiss Open Systems User Group (Switzerland)
United Way of King County, WA
United Way of Tri-State, NY
Van Loon Control Systems
Louis Vitela

Supporters ($100 to $499)

Richard T. Ace
Shea Ako
Gerald P. Alldredge
William D. Arnold
Howard J. Bampton
Jack Barnett
David W. Beck
Joel L. Bouwens
T. Dan Bracken, Inc.
Anthony G. Bradford
Sergey Bratus
Richard D. Bronson
Stanley W. Brown
Bobby Bryant
Cadacus, Inc.
James M. Campbell
Dan C. Carroll
Shaun T. Case
Maria C. Caussyn
Marty Cawthon
Jean-Francois Cayula
Rob Chauncey
Jonathan M. Cheyer
Elizabeth Chicares
Paul S. Christensen
Nelson and Julia Christianson
Eric Crampton
D G Computer Consulting, Inc.
George G. Demmy
John A. DeRosa
Jeffrey G. Donner
Kevin L. Dupree
Winston B. Edmond
Robert M. Emmons
Ken Firestone
George E. Fischer
John Fitzgerald
James A. Gaidos
Warren C. Gibson
David Gilbert
Daniel K. Gillmor
Seth and Kimberly Glattstein
Howard Golden
Greater Twin Cities United Way, MN
Joel Edward Grimes
GULL (Switzerland)
George Hacken
Dr. Stefan Harjes (Germany)
Brett T. Hemenway
Frank Mori Hess
Dr. L. Thomas Heywood, Jr. and Dr. Barbara Heywood
Spencer Hobe
Peter Hudecek (Germany)
Piet Hut
Jedi Systems, Inc.
Rohit Kanwar (India)
Michael D. Kupfer
Brian Lee Ivey
Tim Josling
Paolo Lamponi
Michael J. Landrus
James S. Larson
San Minh Le
Lewis and Bernice Lipkin
Holly Lewis and Neal D. McBurnett
Douglas Lewan
William C. Lietzke
Don Lindsay
Trevor Little
Chien-Chung Liu
Eckaids Malthias (Germany)
Robert McDonald
Michael J. McGraw
Paul A. McLean
Sean C. Medina
William L. Menninger
Mershon Software Inc.
Micromethods, Inc.
Clark D. Mikkelsen
William D. Mitchell, Jr.
Mjolner Informatics ApS (Denmark)
Kenichi Nabeya
Peter G. Neumann
Thien-thi Nguyen
Robert Nichols
Judi Nielsen
Thomas M. O'Brien
Michael J. O'Donnell Consulting Inc.
Daniel E. Oldman and Catherine M. Starkweather
Donald A. Patterson
Ben Pfaff
Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc.
PipeVine, Inc.
Michael C. Poteet
William Preston
Joseph Provo
R. Steven Rainwater
Joseph M. Reagle Jr.
Walter A. Rentschler
John Ringland
Steve Roggenkamp
Theodore B. Ruegsegger
John and Virginia Ramsdell
Evgeny Roubinchtein
Dwight P. Rudolph, Jr.
Eric Runquist
Mark D. Rustad
Safeco Insurance Co.
Ranganathan P. Sankaralingam
Don L. Scarborough
Ian Schindler (France)
Richard D. Schultz
Kyle Schurle
Gary Selzer
Seneca Valley (PA) Senior High School, Challenge 2001
Westley Sherman
Lee Alan Shombert
Steve Singles
Michael Slass
Mark Smith
Software Engineers Association (Japan)
Reto Stamm
Michael A. Stevens
Robert A. Stine
Jonathan L. Summers
Sun Microsystems Foundation
Hironobu Suzuki (Japan)
Douglas J. Swanson
Li-Cheng Tai
Kwee Heong Tan
Tm Bioscience (Canada)
Tamio Tsukamoto (Japan)
Puduvankunnil Udayakumar
United Way of Androscoggin County, ME
United Way of Burlington County, NJ
United Way of Central Stark County, OH
United Way of the National Capital Area, DC
United Way of Southeastern Idaho
United Way of Stanislaus County, CA
Robert G. Utter
Van Slyke Family Fund, Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Paul D. von Behren
John H. West
John Wiersba
Steven P. Willner
Nick Willson
Kevin D. Wright
The Written Word, Inc.
WRQ, Inc.
Makito Yagi (Japan)
Hiroo Yamagata (Japan)
Stanley H. Zisk
Anonymous (several)

Smaller Donors

Thanks also to those who have made smaller donations, including donors at Usenix (Boston), the O'Reilly Open Source Conference (San Jose), LinuxWorld Expo (San Francisco), Richard Stallman's various appearances (Chicago, Washington (DC)), the October 2001 Geek Cruise, and other places.

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