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This list was recently revised as of 2000-12-15, and a number of donations from late 1998 were added to the list for the first time. We apologize for our oversight! If your listing is incorrect, or if you are listed here when you asked to remain anonymous, please email us and we will correct the problem.

1999 Supporters

Large Donations Corporate Sponsors Patrons Sustaining Contributors Contributors Supporters

Large Donations

The Free Software Foundation acknowledges Cordelia Corporation for its generous grant of $100,000 to establish the Free Software Clearinghouse and On-line Catalog.

The Free Software Foundation acknowledges IDG World Expo Corporation for its award of the $25,000 IDG/Linus Torvalds Community Award.

Corporate Sponsor

IBM Corporation

Patrons ($5000 or more)

AT Computing (Netherlands)
Axis Communications (Sweden)
IDG World Expo
Yutaka Niibe (Japan)
Patmos International
Stichting NLnet (Netherlands)
VA Linux Systems

Sustaining Contributors ($1000 to $4999)

David Baum
Larry Breyer and Thuy-Linh Chu
Bala Coomandur
Daedalus World Wide
Paul Eggert
EMC Corporation
Andy Glew
ECC2-97 Crackers
Kazuhisa Ichikawa (Japan)
David W. Ignat
IKARIOS (France)
Frank Kasper & Associates, Inc.
Donald and Jill Knuth
Kyoto Micro Computer (Japan)
Lynn H. Quam
Nihon Sun User Group (Japan)
Nord Family Foundation
Terence O'Gorman (Ireland)
O'Reilly & Associates
PacifiCorp Foundation, designated by David Boswell
Perforce Software, on behalf of Doug Jefferys
Radio Computing Services employees
Radio Computing Services Charitable Foundation
James Robinson
Server Corporation
Silicon Engineering
The Charles W. Sugnet Fund at the Boston Foundation
Toshiba Corporation
Shinobu Unakami (Japan)
United Way contributors
Rich Waters and Mary Ann Hauck
Whitecross Systems (United Kingdom)
Herbert O. Wolfe Foundation
Hiroo Yamagata (Japan)

Contributors ($500 to $999)

Ali Bahrami
Coalescent Technologies (Canada)
Eckardt & Braun Unix Consultants (Germany)
GNU/Linux Cluster CLOWN '98 (Germany)
Guddland Digital (Luxembourg)
Douglas Lewan
"Linux Complete" GNOME User's Guide authors
Donald B. Marti
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Matz
Pacific HiTech
Bruce E. Peterson
PFU America
Paul W. Reich
Markus Rost
Philip Sackinger
Ravi Sompalli
Sun Microsystems Matching Gift Program
Vancouver GNU/Linux Users' Group (Canada)

Supporters ($100 to $499)

Anonymous Donors at GNU Distribution, Europe
Laurent Aries (France)
William D. Arnold
Richard W. Artz
Bruce M. Beach
Paul L. Beale
Michael Berbaum
Robert A. Biersack
Marianne Bitler
Nancy Blachman and David DesJardins
Bonsai Software, Inc.
Borwankar Research
Sergey Bratus
Christopher Browne
James M. Campbell
Dan C. Carroll
Cisco Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Harold G. Corwin, Jr.
CSA Engineering, Inc.
Mark E. Curran
Soren Dalsgaard (Denmark)
John A. DeRosa
Earthweb, on behalf of Hildo Biersma
Edelsys Computing
Toshinori Endo and Shuwa Systems (Japan)
Faximum Software (Canada)
Felix M. Finch
John Fitzgerald
William Fitzpatrick
Pierre Forestier (France)
Matteo Frigo
Jan Theodore Galkowski
George L. Gerstein
Seth and Kimberly Glattstein
Aristide S. Gola
Howard Golden
David W. Gould
GNU Go Tournament Prize
Judith Lisbie Hawkins
John J. Heil
Hanan M. Herzog
Hitech Systems
Charles J. Hubbard
IAESTE Vienna, Vienna University of Technology (Austria)
Quentin H. Iorio
Brian Lee Ivey
John A. Jensen
Thouis Raymond Jones
Anthony P. Joseph
Kouichi Kimura (Japan)
William Kint
Charles Kozloff
Andrew Kuchling
Krishna Kunchithapadam
Lacks Stores
San Minh Le
Manyong Lee (Korea)
Lehman Brothers Gift Matching Program
Lewis and Bernice Lipkin
Trevor Little
Chien-Chung Liu
Robert McDonald
Michael McGraw
David G. McKenzie
Sean C. Medina
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Clark D. Mikkelsen
Louis Miller
NDC Health Information Services (Canada)
Mark Novak
Thien-Thi Nguyen
Jonas Oberg
O'Reilly Japan (Japan)
Jim Partan
Donald Patterson
Ronald J. Perrella
Vance Petree
Philip Morris Matching Gift Center
Poplar Software Design
Joe Provo, RSVC
John Ramsdell
Warren P. Reier
Aaron M. Renn
Walter A. Rentschler
Arnold Robbins and SSC
Lex Romanczuk
Theodore B. Ruegsegger
Mark Rustad
Don L. Scarborough
Bill Schell
Wayne R. Schlitt
Richard L. Schmeidler
Richard D. Schultz
Russell Senior
Westley Sherman
Lee Alan Shombert
Smarts Pty (Australia)
Eric R. Smith
Gary Sowers
Balaji Srinivasan
Reto Stamm (Ireland)
Wayne Steffner
Douglas J. Swanson
Christopher C. Tan
Donald J. Tansey
Vicraj Thomas
John Tobey
Tumbleweed Electron Wranglers
United Way of St. Cloud, MN
Jesse Vincent
Paul D. von Behren
Neal Walfield
Carl Wall
Weingarten, Schurgin, Gagnebin & Hayes
Garry T. Williams
Steven P. Willner
Greg J. Wolff
Gary Wong
The Written Word
Xilinx Matching Gift Program
Makito Yagi (Japan)
Frank S. Yawitz (Israel)
Anonymous donors at Linux World, San Jose, Aug. 1999
Anonymous donors at the Univ. of Alaska-Anchorage, Sept. 1999
Anonymous donors at Atlanta Linux Showcase, Oct. 1999

Smaller Donors

Thanks also to the multitude who made smaller donations.

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