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No Warranties

We distribute software in the hope that it will be useful, but without any warranty. No author or distributor of this software accepts responsibility to anyone for the consequences of using it or for whether it serves any particular purpose or works at all, unless he says so in writing. This is exactly the same warranty that the proprietary software companies offer: None. If the distribution is incomplete or the media fails, you can always download a replacement from any of the GNU mirrors, free of charge.


You can always find the most recent version of this list of GNU FTP sites at

How to FTP

Use the ftp program on your system (ask locally if you can't find it) to connect to the host you are ftping from. Unless indicated otherwise, login in as user "anonymous", with password: "your e-mail address" and set "binary" mode (to transfer all eight bits in each byte).

ALWAYS USE BINARY/IMAGE MODE TO TRANSFER THESE FILES! Text mode does not work for tar files or compressed files.

GNU Software and How To FTP It

GNU software is available on under the directory /gnu. diff files to convert between versions exist for some of these programs. Some programs have misc support files as well. Have a look on to see which ones. In most cases, the tar or diff files are compressed with the `gzip' program; this is indicated with the .gz suffix. Binaries for gzip can be downloaded from

Descriptions of GNU software are available in the Free Software Directory at

Alternative Internet FTP Sources

The canonical GNU ftp site is located at You should probably use one of the many mirrors of that site: the mirrors will be less busy, and you can find one closer to your site.

GNU FTP Site Mirror List

Add Your FTP Mirror Site to this List

If you run a mirror of and would like to have your site listed here, please contact If you would like to set one up, see for helpful hints.

How to FTP GNU Emacs

Emacs is in the directory /gnu/emacs on The emacs distribution itself has a filename in the form emacs-M.N.tar.gz, where M and N stand for the version numbers; the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual is in a separate file, named elisp-manual-NN.tar.gz.

How to FTP C Scheme

The latest distribution version of C Scheme is available via anonymous FTP from in directories scheme-M.N (where M.N is a version number).

Read the files INSTALL and README in the top level C Scheme directory.

TeX and How to Obtain It

We don't distribute TeX now, but it is free software.

TeX is a document formatter that is used, among other things, by the FSF for all its documentation. You will need it if you want to make printed manuals.

TeX is freely redistributable. You can get it by FTP or on CD-ROM or other media. For FTP instructions, see

A minimal TeX collection (enough to process Texinfo files) is included on the GNU Source CD-ROM. See

GNU Software for VMS

See for lots of GNU ports to VMS, including Emacs 19, GCC, Bison, Make, RCS.

If You Like The Software

If you like the software developed and distributed by the Free Software Foundation, please express your satisfaction with a donation. Your donations will help to support the Foundation and make our future efforts successful. The Foundation continues to improve GNU programs and encourage the writing of new free software to enhance GNU/Linux and GNU/Hurd systems. For more information on GNU and the Foundation, see our web site at

Ordering a GNU Source Code CD-ROM or Source Code CD-ROM Subscription is a good way for your organization to help support our work. You can also purchase printed manuals, reference cards, t-shirts, and other items. See our online ordering form at for details.

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