System Analyst / Database Guru

FSF seeks a system analyst/database guru, for a medium-term contract project to convert a paper-based document inventory system to an intelligently organized fully electronic system.

Candidates must have proven experience working with users to design, document, and build database systems to replace manual systems. Competitive candidates will have innate ability to translate descriptions and instructions regarding workflow from non-technical people into business logic and data design, and will be able to easily demonstrate past successes in this regard.

Candidates should be at least somewhat familiar with Free Software. The work must be completed on-site in Boston, MA. This is a contract position; it is expected that a primary goal of the contract will be to transfer knowledge to existing FSF staff.

Applications, each including a resume and a cover letter, must be submitted via email to <>. The email must contain the subject line, "System Analyst Position". Resumes should be attached via MIME in ASCII text or PDF. Cover letters must be in ASCII directly in the body of the email message. Applications not sent via email or email submissions that do not follow these instructions will be ignored.

Applications will be accepted until the right candidate is found.

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