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The GNU Project is looking for individuals to join its volunteer software evaluation group. Experience in building and installing software packages (using standard GNU utilities like gcc, make, etc.) is required. The work involved will require most likely a couple hours of concentrated reviewing per package. Packages, sent to the evaluation team's electronic mail distribution list by RMS and other FSF folks, appear for evaluation sporadically. Timeliness is of the utmost importance in committing to/doing an evaluation. An outline for evaluation is used by team members to guide the review process. Once an evaluation is complete, it is sent back to the team's discussion list and cc:ed to the submitter (e.g., RMS) who then contacts the package author about whether or not to accept the package as part of the GNU software family.

Only those interested parties who can commit to making evaluations in a timely fashion are encouraged to respond with their contact information. Currently, we are looking for five (5) individuals to add to the existing team. Depending on how things go, more individuals may be added in the future.

Please send questions and/or contact information to Hugo Gayosso <>, coordinator of the volunteer evaluation group.

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